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For the elite

Parisian cabarets

When it comes to the famous Parisian cabarets, even at the subconscious level of everyone, such names as "Moulin Rouge", "Crazy Horse" or "Lido" pop up. But a truly sophisticated audience, who knows a lot about entertainment and appreciates the aristocratic spirit, the traditions of real Parisian cabarets, visit completely different establishments.

The thing is that the incredibly promoted (and therefore popular) clubs mentioned above have long since left the classic format of the Parisian cabaret for the public's demand. What can you not see in them:

striptease, burlesque, drama, show of some fat men;

solo concerts of singers, DJs, stand-up artists;

billiard tournaments and poker championships.

All this is very far from the classic French cabaret. It is not without reason that wealthy couples, respectable gentlemen, accompanied by unearthly beauties of the escort Paris class, representatives of the world bohemia visit slightly different places.

Conservative connoisseurs, albeit old, but the traditional school of truly French cabaret will go, for example, to such an institution as Le Paradis Latine. What will they see there?

1. complete absence of vulgarity and cruel jokes for the needs of the day or events taking place at the moment;

2. an incredible dance show, not inferior to the classics of ballet art;

3. amazing gastronomic delights of the legendary French cuisine, expensive wine, emphasizing the unique atmosphere of luxury.

But even these circumstances are not the main "chips" of the truly elite Parisian cabaret Le Paradis Latin. There is a kind of inimitable entourage in this establishment that is not typical of competitors.

It has a very cozy atmosphere that creates a sense of luxury, although quite expensive. There is a very beautiful show, rare voices and amazing musicians. Here is a luxurious banquet hall specially designed for 50 people. It creates both a feeling of home comfort and aristocratic luxury. This is precisely the secret of the classic Parisian cabaret!

But the entrance is quite difficult. Elite escort Paris, no matter how radiantly she smiles, will not be able to serve as a kind of universal pass at the entrance, as is practiced all over the world. Cabaret Le Paradis Latin is not a place for everyone, only for the elite!